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Henriette​ Latika (center back) with the representatives from Vanuatu Law Enforcement agencies attending  the Vanuatu Police Force Women's Advisory Network 10th Annual Conference.

In her presentation, Henriette shared that although she did not have the opportunity to go far in education,  playing volleyball, persevering in her tough training program and focusing on providing a better future for her young family have motivated her to overcome many barriers. 

She also shared how playing volleyball has changed her life by enabling her to travel to many international countries where she has proudly represented Vanuatu.  The key issues for women in the Pacific are lack of recognition, promotion and professional development opportunities, recruitment and retention of women. Henriette encouraged the participants to rise above the challenges with determination and hard work to succeed no matter what difficulties they face in life.
Beach Volleyball Champion and coach, Henriette Iatika, had the opportunity to inspire local law enforcement women and men, during the Vanuatu Police Force Women's Advisory Network 10th local conference on 26 November 2014, focused on Change, Lead and Succeeding. 

​As she told her story of the challenges she overcame to become the elite sportswoman she is today, her story resonated with many women in the room who must conquer similar challenges in a profession where gender issues are evident.