>Enjoy SportCool Volley aims to provide opportunities for children and young people to enjoy sport, make new friends, learn new skills, acquire habits of self-discipline, learn to cooperate, to compete fairly and thus occupy their free-time.​

>Building new relationships. Fostering personal relationships between young people, with the other Cool Volley Centers/Clubs, with coaches, referees and with other people connected to the sporting community.

>Stage 1 >Beginners >8-10 years old >Stage 2 >Youth >11-12 years old >Stage 3 >Youth >13-15 years old
Cool Volley is the newFIVB campaign to attract the youth to participate in volleyball and beach volleyball. Cool Volley is a proactive development tool aimed at assisting National Federations to recruit youth through their projects at a national level. Cool Volley promotes volleyball as an easy, fun, and competitive way of playing.

COol Volley

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Please contact VVF if your school or community is interested in running a cool volley festival


> Spread volleyball at a national level
> Develop new opportunities for volleyball
> Create interest and passion