The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation hosted a Children’s Day Volleyball festival at Freshwota Primary School. The concept of Volley All Festival is to give the chance to National Federations to participate in an annual festival through which they can develop volleyball and beach volleyball. It is a good chance of attracting people to participate in an event providing a fun, enjoyable and competitive environment, where the Ball keeps flying through thousands of children. The goal is to create a real universal event where children and youth can participate in many locations around the world.The mission of the Volley All Festival is to reach each National Federation in order to give them an occasion to concentrate in one annually event which combines promotion of sports, youth interest, and media at local and international level. National Federations would have to involve as much people as possible to support them, such as authorities, and sponsors. Indeed, the Volley All Festival is aimed at being a mass event with mass participation. As a result, it is essential to have an organising committee to plan each step of the event in order to reach effectiveness.

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